Tohyoh photographer, graphic designer




Photographer Tohyoh started taking photographs during his career as a graphic designer in advertising. Through his work with many photographers, he improved his skill in photography. Tohyoh himself took photos of many celebrities, actors/actresses, and performers during interviews.

Tohyoh started taking photos of male nudes when he was asked by one of his friends to take his photo for private purposes. Unexpectedly he had a brain hemorrhage and acquired hemiparalysis, but he never gave up his passion towards photography. Tohyoh and his physiotherapist worked on an orthotic that enabled him to take photos with his left hand, thus enabling him to continue shooting.

Since then he has traveled not only domestically, but also abroad for photo shoots as his lifework. He has since focused on male nudes and worked actively, not only in Japan, but also abroad. In March 2006, he passed away suddenly from brain hemorrhage at the age of 56.

His passion towards photography still continues to live on in his works.

※ Gallery Tohyohは、冬陽の遺志により、長年に渡りパートナーであったMITSUGUが運営を引き継ぐことになりました。これ以降、写真家冬陽の作品は増えることはありません。しかし、冬陽の作品に魅力を感じてくださるみなさまに、写真を提供し続けたいと考えています。

* The management of the Gallery Tohyoh is now under the direction of Toyoh's partner MITSUGU, as per Tohyoh's will. Tohyoh's work will not be produced anymore, but his past works will be offered to those who appreciate the quality of his works.

1999年5月 Gallery Tohyohを立ち上げる
12月 ファビュラスvol.1にグラビア掲載
2000年6月 ファビュラスvol.4にグラビア掲載
7月 青山スパイラルホールにてグループ展開催(M.A.C協賛)
2001年1月 「Badi」の3月号から「Gallery Tohyoh」として隔月連載グラビアを始める
4月 沖縄で、ロケーション撮影(Badi掲載)
7月 台湾でロケーション撮影
9月 脳障害で入院、12月退院
2002月5月 Bar TAC'S KNOTにて、個展開催
8月 4人のイラストレーターとコラボレーション作品をRainbowArtsにて発表
2003年2月 Bar MISTYにて、個展開催
5月 DJ GOMI氏の2nd Albumのジャケットに写真採用される
6月 2度目の沖縄で5人のモデルのロケーション撮影
7月 「G-men」90号に初掲載始め随時掲載
12月 タイ・バンコクにてロケーション撮影(G-men掲載)
2004年4月 タイ・プーケットにてロケーション撮影
6月 弦楽団 ディベルティメントコンサートフライヤー撮影
7月 Bar ISLANDSにて沖縄で撮影した写真を中心に個展開催
2005年1月 New Caledoniaで3人のモデルと撮影旅行(Badi掲載)
2005年3月 Bar ISLANDSにてNew Caledoniaで撮影した写真を中心に個展開催
2005年6月 2度目のモルディブ撮影旅行。(G-men掲載)
2005年8月 Bar ISLANDSにてモルディブで撮影した写真を中心にイラストレータと合同展開催
2006年3月 再び脳溢血で倒れ、帰らぬ人となる

May 1999 Gallery Tohyoh established
Sep Photogravure featured in magazine Fabulous Vol.1
Jun 2000 Photogravure featured in magazine Fabulous Vol.4
Jul Group exhibition at Spiral Hall, Aoyama (cosponsored by M.A.C.)
Jan 2001 "Gallery Tohyoh" featured in magazine Badi bimonthly starting from March issue (featured in Badi)
Photo shooting in Maldives.
Tohyoh has been fascinated by beauty of human body as part of nature
Apr Photo shoot in Okinawa (featured in Badi)
July Photo shoot in Taiwan
Sep Hospitalized due to brain hemorrhage, discharged in December.
He changed his angle of photo shoots from right to left and started photo shoots with his assistant
May 2002 Exhibition at bar "Tack's Knot"
Aug Exhibited collaborative work by 4 graphic artists at Rainbow Arts
Feb 2003 Exhibition at bar "Misty"
May Featured on cover of 2nd CD album by DJ GOMI
Jun Photo shooting of 5 models during second visit to Okinawa
Jul Photogravure featured in magazine G-men vol.90 and continuingly featured
Dec Shooting in Bangkok, Thailand (featured in G-men)
Apr 2004 Shooting in Phuket Island
Jun Shooting photos for flier of annual concert by "Divertimento"
Photo shooting of 4 models during third visit to Okinawa
Jul Exhibition of photos in Okinawa at bar "ISLANDS"
Jan 2005 Photo shoot of 3 models in New Caledonia
Mar Exhibition of photos taken in New Caledonia at bar "ISLANDS"
Jun Second photo shoot in Maldives (featured in G-men)
Aug Coexhibition of photos taken in Maldives with 4 illustrators at bar "ISLANDS"
Mar 2006 Passed away from second brain hemorrhage